Butterfly School Project

Tripoli (Libia)

Impresa s.p.a. e Altay Scientific s.r.l.

Ing. Maurizio Tallarico
Arch. Sara Marinucci
Arch. Mariagrazia Spedicato

2011 Vincitore Concorso Internazionale


The architectural project will be designed looking at ecological and economical solutions, according to the sustainable development principles. It will be focused around five main points:

  1. best equilibrium between indoor, outdoor, and outdoor shaded spaces

Concerning volumes and architectural aspects, the design refers to the “hearing architecture” that, according to the “genius loci”, takes the local building tradition as main reference. This is why, according to climate and building orientation, local needs and traditions in using the spaces inside and outside of the buildings will be taken in a good consideration.


  1. best water resources conservation and management

An efficient management of water resources will be reached through:

  • architectural indoor solutions for reducing waste of water as, for example, ecological wash-basin and ecological water-closet;
  • grey water phytodepuration to produce reusable water for garden irrigation;
  • a technical net that will foresee a collecting rainwater system.


  1. best structural thermal efficiency of the buildings

Volumes and overhangs and windows are to be studied in relation with sun, and a deep study of shadows will ensure a correct natural lighting and shading. Proper orientation of buildings, ventilated faces on the south, and the use of active solar systems, like for example photovoltaic and thermal solar panels will be studied to reach the best use of natural light and renewable energy.


  1. best sunlight exposure of the classrooms

Buildings will be designed according to the variable relationship with sun, light and seasons. To maintain a comfortable and hygienic indoor climate, thermal compounds and thermal interface materials will be used. To assure the best thermal insulation, the potential impact on thermal effi ciency of the building will be determined too. Since thermal insulation plays a major role in preventing summertime overheating of buildings the use of proper structural solutions will avoid the construction of summer air conditioner system. Energetic integration of buildings with environmental neighbourhood (bioclimatic architecture) will be studied too.


  1. use of non toxic materials.

Use of natural materials to guarantee quality and durability as well as higher healthiness of the interiors will be proposed.

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